Invisibles (Basic-Fundamentals)

"What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince (1943)

For whatever reason, many never risk attempting to harness, let alone discover anything of truly great worth, like the power of earth, wind, water or fire, even despite such things lying there tangible in the light & in plain sight. Yet, others, more curious, perhaps more discerning & less "play it safe" types manage to tap into & control fantastic, deep-core & intangible resources such as time, & even despite such things making every effort to play out of sight in the dark.

We are all subject to the ravages of time, but the Greats knew how to control it, meter it out, slowing it down or speed it up for their particular ends. Without the ability to control biological time, life will, given any inkling of an opportunity, tick-over at runaway speeds, burning bright but brief & often with questionable quality &, needless to say, considerable wastage. On the other hand, harness the power of this quintessence & near-everything fundamentally changes ... everything

Lions (Platforms)

“Nature shows us only the tail of the `lion´, but I do not doubt that the lion belongs to it even though he cannot at once reveal himself because of his enormous size.” – Albert Einstein (1914)

We gravitate towards age-old-evolved human untapped bio-logical platforms that have enabled certain critters to outsurvive a non-stop gauntlet of real-world-eXtreme & most unforgiving conditions spanning eons, i.e., we're into the type of biological innovation that for all intended purposes is practically speaking end-state & end-game – platform. The platform we seek are kin to those other out-of-the-jungle great phenomena, the 800-lbs angry gorilla, charging elephant & stampeding grey rhinos, all highly probable, visible & high impact yet neglected &, therefore, surprising when they occur. We're into what Einstein believed were the king of the jungle, hidden `lions´.

Black Swans (Outliers)

"Remember that you are a Black Swan.”
– Nassim N. Taleb (2009)

At first glance, the wonders we seek may seem more befitting of something out-the-pages of some dreamed-up jungle-book of souped-up Peter Pan technologies &, indeed, from the outside looking in we may seem to be playing a very low odds, too near-zero kinda of game. But, appearances can fool, near-zero is not quite zero, however close, perspective, time & insider knowledge matter one's improbability may well be another's reality. Moreover, improbability may mask untold possibilities & opportunities, & of the type that may be profoundly transformative, even tectonic. The things we seek-out aren't merely lions they're high impact & improbable outliers, Black Swans, which is what makes them especially valuable.