Age-Old Origins


We trace our scientific origins to two little-known but seminal moments in history:


“In [Sardinia] certain people were said to sleep among the Heroes, i.e., among the gods. … These persons, returning to themselves, were not aware of the time which elapsed while they were thus absorbed; because that first instant in which they began to sleep they joined to the instant in which they awoke as if it were one instant – but the time that elapsed escaped them.” – Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on Aristotle's Physics (c. 1270)

... life ... is prolonged by means of cold ... a fact which deserves particular attention."

- Jan Swammerdam, The Book of Nature (1673-80)

... a paradox because cold can just as readily & easily extinguish life. Together, these two observations speak volumes about a latent human biological potential. 

Great Leap of the Imagination

Aquinas' & Swammerdam's observations were followed-up by the keen eye of a certain Monsieur Réne A.-F. de Réaumur, in Paris, France., in 1736. de Réaumur was the first to corner & catch nature in the act of tinkering, more like tampering, with life's dimmer-switch. The aim, to give the metabolic machinery a well deserved more-than-skin-deep time-out: a deep systems cleanse, detox, defrag, reapir & makeover. Already then, it was understood that some organisms could realize longer & better quality lives, as well as skip over those less interesting or just plain too hard metabolic times. 

Universal & Timeless Laws of Survival Know-How

Human history existed well before the dawn of science, & so we trace things much, much further back, to yonks & the Dreamtime, to c. 50,000 years ago, & the beginning of a most special time, the formulation of systematic body of knowledge on how to live harmoniously in the world, & from which emanated fundamental, say, timeless universal laws of survival, laws that are gateway to everywhere.