Jungle-Book Biotech R&D

Out-of-the-Jungle Biotech


"The jungle is dark but full of diamonds." 

– Arthur A. Miller

We're a niche innovation R&D outfit focused on quintessential nature-inspired exotic biotech, specifically, zootech, i.e., real world tried-&-tested

  We've a special interest in zoopharma biomimetic with potentially out-sized, super-sized biomedical benefits & unmatched advantages, i.e., extreme broad spectrum, deeply personalized, low R&D cost (Moore's law as opposed to Eroom's law), permit fast-track developmental. Presently, we are all in on  tapping from-human (outlier-extremophiles) biologic extracts to produce naturally-engineered living medicinal & functional enhancement drugs, what we term, golden goose golden eggs living foundries.

Nature as Guide-Post, Model & Yard-Stick Ruler


"The imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man."

– Richard P. Feynman


Nature is a highly enriched source of real world,no nonsense, tried-&-tested technologies; her creations speak volumes. Indeed, many have survived an eons-gauntlet of outright unforgiving, say, cut-throat harsh times & that are hands-down human-unmatched, an often little or too little overlooked fact. Hence, it seems far more intelligent to take a page out of her consummate, 24/7/365 jungle innovation lab play-book & tap-elevate her creations to suit  our needs than to try to out-pitch her with half-baked ideas which always seem to anyhow fall off the arc, her arc.

Animals may not seem like a sources of biotechnology & medicine, they're wet-'n-wild, somewhat unpredictable & sometimes downright uncooperative with a mind of their own. Indeed, just observing them can instantly alter their behavior & very molecular make-up, what we call the shape-shifter effect, thus, masking their true capabilities. Yet, it is just this sort of quintessentially sophisticated-&-integrated,  flexible or soft functionality that allows some to on-demand tolerate, resist & adapt to sudden extreme, austere & complex environments, i.e.,  anti-fragility. These are the qualities we're especially interested in, gravitate to, tap into.

Metabolic Modulation Platform


We're into making "changes" to effect. Specifically, we're into base & deep core wholemeal, not twig-like piecemeal, fundamentals that power & sustain "the stuff of life", the "fire of life", metabolism, the pace-of-life (metabolic rate), & the kaleidoscope of untapped (epigenetic) health performance  bio-medical phenotype possibilities that may be realized by profoundly modulating, dialing down for some time & then back up metabolic rate via extreme & austere environmental exposure, often realized via a perilous tightrope.