Bio-X Unit

Old School Out-the-Jungle Types


"The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." – John P. Stapp

Bio-X is a hands-on, skin-in-the-game & make-shift eXperimental outfit. Ops are run this way not justly for speed, expediency & to minimize expenses but most notably to, maximize safety associated with experimentation at the limit-of-life, & to pick-up/amplify missed, often weak & subtle, even cryptic false negative clues &, importantly, minimize the "complete waste of time, money & effort" false positives due to poor & inexperienced subject biofeedback, so-called, "ineptitude", which lowers the bar of reproducibility & believibility.

Maverick eXperimentalista eXtremista


“It doesn’t do any good just increasing the number of guys following the comet head, it’s necessary to increase the amount of variety & the only way to do it is to implore you few guys to take a risk with your lives that you will never be heard of again, & go off in the wild blue yonder & see if you can figure it out.” – Richard P. Feynman 

Sometimes, to break through long-standing & fundamentally flawed, deficient or retarding orthodoxies, say, laws, exigent, unconventional & even radical measures may be deemed necessary. Bio-X, in a nutshell, is that, a maverick, off-the-reservation outfit tasked to run: turn-style (cut-chase-fast), light-&-streamlined (N-of-1, highly reproducible), ball-park (good enough) & high risk (make-or-break, do-or-die trying) first-in-human eXperiments. 'X' is not just for eXperimental but a bunch of descriptors: eXotic, eXtreme (both eXtremistan & eXtremista), eXploration, eXigent, eXpress-fast & self-eXperimentation (for eXperience & unmatched insight), because ...

“In scientific investigation, the smallest processes are of utmost importance. The fortuitous choice of an 'animal', an instrument built in a certain way, the use of a reagent instead of another, are often enough to solve general questions of the highest order.” – Claude Bernard (1865)

and ...

"We can only be guided by what we  know, & our only source of knowledge is experience" – Arthur J.  Pillsbury, The Final Word (1896)

Adventurers, Escapologists & Nine-Lives Survivalists


"Adventure is never anywhere unless we make it. Chance releases it; some unexpected incidents of little things. The trouble, is to know it in time when we see it. If we are not ready for it, then it is not there." – Henry M. Tomlinson, Gifts of Fortune & Hints for Those About to Travel

Body-environment atuned, fine-tuned, metabolic shapeshifter × escapologist × survivalists genetically or epigenetically programmed to handle & pick up the slightest telltale physiological (physical & mental) cues-&-clues in physiologically stressful & complex environments, & with a penchant for solo up-the-river-without-a-paddle BIG adventures, adventure entirely of their own making.