Animalesque Enhancements

Human × Animalesque Metabolism


"Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns."

– Richard P. Feynman

We're into basics, fundamentals, the thread that powers & sustains all live, metabolism, & how to weave new & novel patterns. One could say we focus on the leaves & the root system of the tree of life, e.g., oxygen, heat, gravity & enzyme activity, & how to orchestrate it all to produce enhanced outcomes. And, because we're into generating unusual outcomes we tend to focus on non-model animals ... "survivor phenotypes" as a our guiding light.

Human 2.0


“Man is a rope stretched between animal & Superman – a rope over an abyss. A dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling & halting. What is great in man is that he is a bridge & not a goal. Become who you are!”
– Friedrich W. Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Like a call from out-the-wild we're focused on human performance in the broadest sense of the term although we're more foucsed exotics, enhanced, caps, & we approach it exclusively from a fusion of environmental exposure × physiology × behavior .

Tip-of-the-Spear "Caps"


"The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed."

– William F. Gibson 

Although we don't believe in being more than what perhaps we biologically should be, we do believe in John C. Maxwell's (1947) dictum, "Be All You Can Be”. And, we're all about the possibilities of salvaging & resculpting minds, bodies & destinies to make for a potentially better all-round future world. We're especially excited about the possibility of moving the needle on scalabilty, on shifting the curve of performance for everyone, not just a select, tail-end, few.