Ancient Origins

Metabolic Fire Starters


We trace our origins to basically thtee little-known but seminal moments at the dawn of the life-sciences, to do with metabolism & biological time, among other things:


"Both the body & its parts are in a continuous state of dissolution & nourishment, so they are inevitably undergoing permanent change."

-  Ibn al-Nafis, The Treatise of Kamil on the Prophet’s Biography  (c. 1270)

“In Sardo [Sardinia] certain people were said to sleep among the Heroes, i.e., among the gods. … These persons, returning to themselves, were not aware of the time which elapsed while they were thus absorbed; because that first instant in which they began to sleep they joined to the instant in which they awoke as if it were one instant – but the time that elapsed escaped them.”

– Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on Aristotle's Physics (c. 1270)

"... life ... is prolonged by means of cold ... a fact which deserves particular attention."
- Jan Swammerdam, The Book of Nature (1673-80)

Together, these seemingly inconsequential & unrelated comments speak volumes about the power to sustain, reshape, enhance life for otherwise impossible futures.

Fantastic Leap of Imagination


“But we will ask again, no doubt, once againg whether there is any hope of prologing the life of animal machines which interest us the most." - René A. F. de Réaumur (1736)

The previous observations were not overlooked by  discerning types, flaneurs of the like of de Réaumur. De Réaumur managed to corner & catch life in the act of tweaking, more like tampering with the master clockwork mechanism & metabolic dimmer-switch that allows certain animacules & mammals to slow-down, "dilate", biological time & offer itself the luxury of skipping over too hash times to gain a foothold-access to otherways far-distant, say, "impossible" futures.

eXtremistan Survival Know-How


"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore."

– André P. G. Gide

Animalesque-phenomenal (enhanced) capabilities existed well before the dawn of science, they were already well in practice some 50,000 years ago, during the first colonization of that unforgivingly harsh environment of Sahul, the central Australian desert interior. They had to be because without a formidal tool-kit of esoteric & tacit, cunning-as-a-fox know-how about extreme environments & austerity measures it would simply not have been possible to venturing into such truly hostile places, let alone thrive for such a long time.