Jungle Innovations

Holy-Grail Nature-Biotech Platforms 

Out-of-the-Jungle R&D

Nature as Model & Measure

"The imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man." - Richard P. Feynman

In a nutshell, we specialize in tapping nature-innovated or out-of-the-jungle platform biotechnologies to various ends, typically of the more exotic kind.

Tip-of-the-Spear Biotech

Though our biotech interests are wide-ranging, we're especially interested in those quintessentially-sophisticated & near-omnipotent nature-innovated technologies that can enable humans to realize their full but latent animalesque potential for dealing with complexity, variability & unpredictability in fast-paced-dynamic & challenging, say, exigent & unforgiving environments, so-called, "eXtreme & special environments".