Jungle Innovations

Holy-Grail Nature-Biotech Platforms

Out-of-the-Jungle R&D

Nature as Model, Mentor & Measure

"The imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man." - Richard P. Feynman

We specialize in tapping nature-innovated or out-of-the-jungle platform biotechnologies for various applications, because we've inevitably come to appreciate that one shouldn't try to out-pitch nature at her own game, her pervasiveness & the unfathomable years R&D difference alone speak volumes. Indeed, teaming up with her, leveraging her strengths instead of pitting one's self against her seems like a far more intelligent approach than risking falling out of favor & off her arc.


“Nature shows us only the tail of the `lion´, but I do not doubt that the lion belongs to it even though he cannot at once reveal himself because of his enormous size.” – Albert Einstein

We specifically focus on age-old & untapped platforms that have evolved to enable certain life-forms to out-survive a non-stop gauntlet of real-world-extreme, say, cut-throat-unforgiving conditions spanning eons, i.e., their base-form has remained fundamentally unchanged & they may quite possibly be biologically end-state, basically life's back-up life-support systems. These technologies don't merely offer biological robustness, they offer anti-fragility, meaning, life gains & flourishes from them. For all intended purpose they epitomize quintessential technological sophistication, near-omnipotent &, for the post part, they are hands-down unmatched. They are what Einstein termed nature's hidden "lions".

Black Swans

"Black Swan – rare, improbable & relatively unpredictable outlier with the looming potential to exert eXtreme 'impact'."

– Nassim N. Taleb (heavily paraphrased, 2007)

From the outside looking in we seem to be playing a too low odds, too near-zero kind of R&D game. Indeed, at first glance the wonders we seek seem as if out-the-pages of some jungle-book of dreamed-up, souped-up, exotics, i.e., Peter-Pan technologies. But, appearances can fool, near-zero is not quite zero, however close, because perspective, time & insider knowledge matter. And, improbability may hide untold possibilities & opportunities that may be transformative, say, tectonic. We call such outliers Black Swans.

Tip-of-the-Spear Capabilities

“Be All You Can Be” – John. C. Maxwell (1947)

Though our nature-biotech interests are wide-ranging we are especially interested in those tip-of-the-spear technologies that can enable humans to realize their full, latent potential in dealing with complexity, variability & unpredictability in a fast-paced-dynamic & increasingly challenging, say, exigent world. We are especially interested in human physiological gain-of-function capabilities, i.e., enhancement of the human asset & transform it from so-so-ordinary into something more capable. Obviously, we're talking about humans with animalesque capabilities.

"Remember that you are a Black Swan.” – Nassim N. Taleb (2009)

Ancient Origins, Ancient Times

A Focus on Quintessentials

"What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince (1943)

Sadly, many never bother to discover, let alone harness anything of truly great worth, like the power of earth, wind, water or fire, even despite such things lying there, tangible, in the light & in plain sight. Others, more curious, more discerning & less "play it safe" types manage to uncover & tap fantastic, even intangible resources, like time, & despite such things making every effort to play in the dark & out of sight.

Without the ability to control biological time, life will, given the opportunity, tick-over at runaway speeds, burning bright but brief & often with questionable quality & considerable wastage. On the other hand, control-regulate & manage this quintessence & near-everything fundamentally changes ... everything.

Unbounded Curiosity

We trace our scientific history to two little-known but seminal moments in history, the first during the dawn of science, 17th century Holland:

"... life ... is prolonged by means of cold ... a fact which deserves particular attention."

- Jan Swammerdam, The Book of Nature (1673-80)

... a paradox because cold can just as readily & easily drammatically shorten & outright extinguish life. 

Swammerdam's observation was followed up by the keen eye of a certain Monsieur Réne A.-F. de Réaumur, in Paris, France, in 1736, who cornered (& caught) nature in the act of tinkering, more like tampering, with life's metabolic dimmer-switch, to wind-down the master-clock. The aim, to give the metabolic machinery a deserved time-out for a deeper than skin-deep systems cleanse, detox, defrag,  recycle & maybe also a long overdue deeper-than-skin-deep makeover. It also gave it a way to realize a longer & higher-quality runway, one with the potential to play-out ever so slow & manifest real-world non-aging capabilities, & even the phenomenal ability to entirely skip over those less interesting, less happening, or simply just too metabolically harsh times by enabling it with the possibility to leap ahead & beyond its normal reach to what would otherwise be outright inaccessible futures.

First-Hand Experience

"Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world; all knowledge of reality starts from experience & ends in it." – Albert Einstein

Since history existed before science, we can trace things much, much further back, back to yonks & the Dreamtime. The Dreamtime is the beginning of a most special time, the rise of a certain kind of formulated but esoteric human knowledge on how to live in nature, & from which emanated fundamental & universal laws of survival, laws that are gateway to everywhere but which despite being accessible to all remain enigmatic & mystifying to information seekers & the inexperienced. Perhaps we should restate it:

“We can only be guided by what we know, & our only source of knowledge is experience.”

– Arthur J. Pillsbury, The Final Word (1896)


Ball-park, roundabouts, but we'll rapid-response venture just about anywhere there could be even off-chance-remote. special talent (nuggets) hidding in the jungle. 

Current regions-of-interest: the more inaccesible & austere regions of Oceania & ...

... jungle-mountain SE-Asia

Jungle Innovations Men (JIM)

Jungle Tech Scouts

In a nutshell, we're far-forward tech scouts with somewhat of a knack for detecting the slightest, most imperceptible & fleeting footprint, & then positioning & patiently waiting for, & for the lonnngest [sic] time, for those rare & elusive passing Black Swans.

Explorers of Off-Chart Unknowns

"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore." – André P. G. Gide (1925)

Our talent, if it can be called that, merely the ability to cut-the-chase & dare to venture way off the chart & beyond the safety of the reservation to reach far distant shores, sometimes even taking a lifetime, or two, to discover those deemed impossible things.

Old-School, Old-Style & Maverick Jungle-Rules Types

 "Adventure is never anywhere unless we make it. Chance releases it; some unexpected incidents of little things. The trouble, is to know it in time when we see it. If we are not ready for it, then it is not there."  – Henry M. Tomlinson (1926)

We're modern upgrades of old-school types, i.e., still with that undying sense of big adventure, adventure of our own making.


Gateway Puzzle

It saves time when trying to reach us for the first time if we're all more-or-less already on the same page or, at the very least, reading the same kind of books. Therefore, we respectfully & kindly ask that you first solve the following straightforward-simple, no tricks, gateway-puzzle.

Metabolic-Diabolic Conundrum

A volcano has just erupted! It's spewing toxic gases down the valley floor ... your valley! You find yourself in the dire situation of having to escape by enclosing yourself in an air-tight cave system, meaning, strictly limited & dwindling oxygen stores. You've the choice of two chambers, a bat-cave containing 1000 x 100 g bats, known to be infected with Ebola  or a bear-cave containing a 100 kg bear who might eat you. Work out which cave will afford you the most metabolic "runway", i.e., the low O2 burn-rate, & maybe offer you a better odds of out-surviving your precarious predicament. If there's a difference between the two, how much more runway will option offer over the other? Use the following equation to figure out the diabolical metabolic conundrum:

MR ∝ m^0.75


MR, metabolic rate or O2 burn-rate

m, metabolic mass (in kg)

0.75, size-scaling exponent

Assumptions: make none

Other allowances: none given

Hints: none ... it's not rocket-science

Jungle-Rules on Tango

"There are no secrets about the world of nature, there are secrets about the thoughts & intentions of men."  – J. Robert Oppenheimer (1955).

If you're looking to reach a particular someone further up the river & deeper in the jungle, kind-of-thing, please ensure you've a sufficiently back-trackable, anyhow bona-fide footprint as we halo/horns-test all unfamiliar DNA, especially of the kind that may have a certain kind of jungle-fever. Indeed,

"there are truths which are not for all men, nor for all times." – Voltaire (1764)